Pre Purchase Inspections

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. But what if the place you buy has hidden defects that end up costing you a bloody fortune down the track? Getting a building and pest inspection before purchase can save you massive headaches.

At NO1 Building Inspections Brisbane, we know properties back to front. With over 10 years tackling Queenslander homes, our licensed inspectors will hunt down any nasty surprises. No one does more thorough checkups in SEQ.

Plus all jobs are backed by our customer satisfaction warranty.

About the Service

We get it, reading building reports is drudgery. Ours have simple tick and cross marks so you know the exact condition of every part of the property. We’ll clearly explain if anything needs work too. Pre purchase inspections include inside and out: the roof, structure, pests, asbestos, pools – you name it! If buyer’s remorse is keeping you up at night, we’ve got your back.

Why We Are Different

Most inspection mobs just want your money and will sign anything off. Not here. We only use the latest tech like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras. And our no-nonsense reports have picked up issues that others missed, saving clients thousands down the track.

With over 500 five-star Google reviews, Brisbane buyers trust us to uncover what matters most. Give us a shout for better peace of mind!

Give us a ring today on 07 3062 8202 for a chat. Or lock in an inspection online takes 5 minutes and having one less thing to worry about.

Reasons to Inspect Pre Purchase Property

Here are the top reasons to get a pre purchase building inspection before buying a property:

Identify Structural Defects

An inspection can uncover critical structural issues like cracks in foundations, faulty load-bearing walls, poor renovations, or water damage. Knowing the condition of the frame and structure informs repair costs and negotiations.

Assess Roof and Attic

Inspectors examine shingles, drainage, flashing, rafters, sheeting, ventilation and more. This is crucial in areas prone to storms, water ingress, or leaks which can cause exponential damage long-term.

Check for Pests

Termites and other wood destroying pests can wreak havoc on properties. Specialist pest inspectors determine activity and conducive conditions to prevent major infestations down the track.

Evaluate Electrical and Plumbing

Faulty electrical wiring can present a serious fire hazard. While leaks from aging or faulty plumbing can destroy walls/floors. Inspections assess safety, leaks and functionality.

Determine Repair Costs

Comprehensive inspection reports detail current and potential issues. This allows buyers to estimate costs of repairs/replacements during negotiations.

Check Permits & Code Violations

Inspectors ensure any renovations, extensions or conversions were council approved. Unpermitted works can risk fines or even demolition.

What’s Inspected

We literally go from top to bottom examining everything to uncover hidden nasties:

  • Roof structure, tiles/iron, gutters, flashing for leaks
  • Ceilings and walls for cracks and dampness
  • Foundations and frame for faults
  • Doors, windows for damage and security
  • Electrics including safety switches
  • Plumbing pipes, drainage and leaks
  • Gas appliances checked for carbon monoxide
  • Pests like termites which are a huge risk in Brisbane’s climate

And tonnes more! Seriously, our inspections are more detailed than a body scanner machine!

What is included in the report?

Getting a building inspection before purchasing a property is crucial to understanding its true condition. An experienced inspector will examine all aspects of the home, providing a comprehensive report covering:

  • Structural elements like the foundation, walls, roof for damage or faults
  • Potential pest issues including termites which can cause serious long term destruction
  • Electrical, plumbing and other systems to ensure safety and functionality
  • External areas like fencing, drainage and pools to check for defects
  • Interior fixtures such as windows, doors and fittings to identify any wear and tear

The report will also verify permits and legal compliance for renovations or extensions.

Services We Offer

  • building inspection report
  • Handover inspection
  • termite inspections
  • building surveyor
  • Residential Building Inspection

Our Expertise

  • 10+ Years Experience
  • 500+ Five-Star Reviews
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Moisture Meter Testing
  • Free Quotes
  • Warranty Included

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Our detailed inspection reports allow you to make an informed decision before signing any contract.

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