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Need an inspection for your property? NO1 Building Inspections Brisbane provides accurate reports for owners and buyers. If you need a property inspection you can trust, contact our inspectors today.

If you are buying or selling a home, accurate inspections are essential. We provide you with licensed, qualified and experienced inspectors. Additionally, we’’ll give you a comprehensive report that identifies any issues with the property. Our building inspections are fast and affordable and our reports are easy to understand. We give you the complete picture of the building, inside and out. We inspect both residential and commercial buildings throughout South East Queensland. Service locations include the CBD and Inner City, Northside, Southside, East and Western suburbs.

About Us

NO1 Building Inspections Brisbane are qualified and professional local inspectors. We built our reputation on integrity and attention to detail. Our mission to to provide trusted and reliable building inspections to all properties throughout the district.

We strictly follow the Department Of Housing & Public Works (HPW) guidelines for all inspections. The inspections team are fully licensed by the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission). Additionally they have Public Liability Insurance ($20,000,000) giving customers complete peace of mind.

We use a range of specialist equipment including thermal imaging cameras, moisture metres and borescopes.

Make an informed decision on your purchase and contact our inspections experts today.

Our Services

Building Inspections

Buying a home is a big decision. You need to be sure you are making a smart investment. A licensed building inspector by your side gives you the upper hand. We’ll provide meticulous and thorough inspections, to ensure you know everything about the property. We’ll identify all possible defects including the structural integrity of timber frames. Quality building inspections reports are essential. Our reports give you the full story, so you can make an informed purchase choice.

Our inspections include the following. Search for major defects and signs of water leakage in the walls and structural cracks. Inspect electrical wiring, hot water systems, outbuildings and subterranean floor areas.

You are also more than welcome to join us when we conduct an inspection of your property.

Pest Inspections

The only way to be  sure that a home is pest-free is with a comprehensive a pest inspection report.  Brisbane’s humid climate is ideal for bugs and insects to thrive.

Our inspection team track down where insects are living, breeding and hiding inside buildings. Our pest inspections team can locate any infestation or possible warning signs of pest activity.  Not only do they look for signs of infestation, but also conditions that are conducive to possible future invasions.  They will inspect the interior and exterior of your property, including roof voids and subfloor spaces.  We’ll email your inspection reports within 24 hours. If we locate any infestations or possible activity, we’ll provide you with recommendations to eradicate the problems.

Combined Building and Pest Inspection

We know the importance of having the facts at your fingertips and the need for an accurate report.  Our experienced team will ensure that every building and pest inspection is painstaking and methodical.  We use some of the most advanced technologies around, including thermal imaging cameras. Upon completion we will supply you with an easy-to-understand report. This will include a complete analysis of internal and external structural integrity. Combined with an complete summary of the pest inspection. Every report is accompanied by digital photographs.

Termite Inspections

Termites can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare.  They bring a multitude of diseases with them and can eat their way through valuable possessions and a building’s structure. If you have a timber framed property, there is a high risk of termite invasion. We recommend annual termite inspections for all timber framed buildings. Making sure you have a termite management strategy in place is also important. We’ll investigate every part of the building,  using a range of tools including moisture metres and thermal imaging cameras. Our thermal imaging cameras pick up minor temperature differences, allowing us to locate the termites easily.

Once the inspection is complete we can post, email or fax the report to you.  Our termite inspections include: evidence of existing damage or infestations, high risk areas and prevention recommendations.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have many years’ experience of building and pest inspections
  • Our technicians are experts in their respective fields
  • Comprehensive, professional and high quality inspections
  • We have a name for providing reliable and accurate reports
  • We use the latest technologies
  • Our prices are affordable


  • Northside and Southside
  • Central city and Brisbane CBD
  • Western Suburbs
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Redland Bay and Surrounding Areas
  • Moreton Bay
  • Ipswich and Toowoomba

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