Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Should I Get a Building Inspection?
It is advised to get a building inspection before you purchase a property. With the help of the home inspector, the home buyer can understand the condition of the specific property. Inspections help you to get the picture of what you intend to buy, and reveal to you any possible risks/faults.

Are your inspectors licensed and insured?
Yes. We use fully licensed inspections team. They hold licenses from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. They are also fully insured. You can fee safe when hiring them.

How quick can you do the inspection?
The home inspection will depend on the size of the property. However, the maximum time we can take on a property inspection is two hours.

How long does it take to get my reports?
The inspection report will take less than 24 hours. If you need an urgent report we can do this for you too. Just notify your inspector prior to the inspection. We will then issue you with a same day within a few hours of completion.

Do you use thermal Imaging?
Yes. We use a range of high quality, thermal imaging cameras.

What is included in a Handover Inspection?
This includes inspection of materials used, structural issues, incomplete work, omissions and non-structural defects.

Can I be present during the inspection?
Yes, you can be present at the inspection. Although we prefer communicating with our clients after the inspection is done and the report is concluded.

Can a Buyer and Seller Be Present At the Same Time?
Yes, the buyer can be at the inspection site together with the seller.

Who is responsible for disputes between neighboring fence lines?
In Queensland, it is only the Neighbourhood Disputes Act 2011 (View PDF) that deals with the dividing trees and fences. This is also known as the Dividing Fences and Trees Act 2011.

How much do inspections cost?
The exact cost of inspection will vary from one building to another. A building inspections starts from $220. A combined building and pest inspection starts from $440. Some factors that determine the cost of inspection include the type, age, and size of the specific home.

How do I book an inspection?
You can complete our quote form, send us an email, or give us a call to book an inspection

When will I receive the inspection report?
We are open Monday to Friday – 9.00am – 5.30pm. Weekends by prior appointment only

Are you fully licensed and insured?
Sure are! All our inspectors hold current Queensland licenses. And we have full public liability insurance too.

What areas do you cover?
Anywhere across Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. From the CBD to Redcliffe and everywhere between. Wherever you’re looking to purchase.

What standards do you comply with?
We comply with Australian Standard AS 4349.1 and AS 4349.3 for pre-purchase inspections. And meet all Queensland state requirements.

What does a pest inspection cover?
A 40 point subfloor and roof void inspection looking for termite damage and activity. We also check other risk areas like fences, trees, decking etc and recommend solutions.

Do I have to be home during the inspection?
Nope! As long as the property is accessible our inspector can work solo. We just need estate agent or owner approval.

Can I attend the inspection?
You sure can! Many customers like to tag along with our inspector and ask questions. Just let us know beforehand.

Do you offer quotes over the phone?
We prefer to provide quotes after we fully understand the property type and inspection scope. More accurate that way. But happy to give you a ballpark figure if you have initial questions.

How much notice do you require for booking?
We’re pretty flexible! But 48 hours minimum helps us to coordinate our inspectors’ schedules. Of course we try to fit urgent appointments too when possible.

What payment methods do you accept?
We take card payment over the phone once we issue your quote. We can also accept direct bank transfer before the inspection. Whatever works best for you!

What can make an inspection take longer? Any challenges?
If there’s lots of furniture, floor coverings or stored items blocking the inspector’s access to key areas then it may delay things a little. We work closely with agents in these cases. Older weatherboard homes often take more time too.

What additional services do you offer?
As well as all types of inspections, we also provide building consultancy services for repairs and renovations once you purchase the property. Helping with quotes, advice and project management.

What qualifications should inspectors have?
Relevant builders licenses, pest management qualifications, and local council certifications for sure. We regularly undergo CPD training too to stay up to date on the latest standards and tech.

Can I order just a timber pest inspection report if I have budget constraints?
We strongly advise getting both building and pest inspections done together for a complete picture…but yes we can handle just pest inspections if required.

If termites or defects are found, do you recommend treatment plans?
Absolutely. We provide practical solutions from removing termite nests, installing barriers to extracting moisture from damp subfloors. And connect clients with our trusted trades for building repairs.

Do you inspect townhouses and units too?
Yes indeed, we have extensive experience inspecting apartments, units, duplexes – all types of strata properties! We look at the interior, exterior, common areas and inspect garages under the complex.

What external site factors do you look at during inspections?
Site drainage, trees, land shape and fence lines that may allow concealed termite entry. We also examine any cracks in boundary walls, retaining walls and garden beds.

How can I prepare for a handover inspection?
Have any warranties, building approvals and records handy for us to view. Make sure all finishes, fixtures and utilities are fully operational. Provide access to the entire property, roof and subfloor areas.

My builder says defects are just “snagging” issues. Are they right?
Not necessarily! Sometimes builders wrongly dismiss major defects as minor finishing touches to brush off responsibility. We help identify what truly constitutes a defect for repair.

I think the previous owner hid some termite damage. How would you identify concealed issues?
Our specialist pest inspectors use moisture meters, probes, thermal imaging and even dogs to uncover hidden damage. We leave no stone unturned in our investigations!

What are your payment terms?
After we complete the inspection and provide your full report, we kindly ask for payment within 7 business days. We accept bank transfer, cash, card or cheque.

Can I tailor my specific inspection requirements?
Of course! Chat with us about your particular needs and priorities before booking an inspector. We can accommodate additional checks like pools, cracking etc for your peace of mind.

How long does an inspection report take to receive?
You’ll get both a verbal summary on the day and your full report emailed within 12 working hours guaranteed. Once payment is settled, we aim to get your paperwork ASAP.

What equipment do you use?
Ladders, moisture meters, probes, bore scope cameras, thermal imaging etc. Plus chemical detectors, magnifying devices and UV lights specifically for identifying pests and damage. State of the art gear.

Do you test for asbestos, mould or faulty wiring?
There are limits on what inspectors can verify within our inspection scope. But we raise red flags if materials, mould or wiring seem concerning. Recommending extra assessment by pros.

Should I attend the final inspection before my builder hands over the keys?
If possible yes, our inspections at handover stage can uncover so much more when we review the home with you onsite. Ensuring everything functions properly.

I’m buying at auction – what’s your urgent inspection process?
If the property is vacant, we can thoroughly complete short notice urgent inspections within as little as 4 hours after booking. It still allows for a full written report too.

How detailed are your reports compared to others?
Our reports truly stand out from the crowd for detail! We take 400–600 photos per property and include diagrams of floor layouts. Documenting issues room to room over 50 pages.

What are the most common areas you find pest damage in Queensland homes?
Subfloor framing, roof void pedants, and sheltered exterior spots along boundary fences or garden beds. Termites love dark concealed munching spots out of the rain and sun!

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